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In an ever-changing communication landscape that includes digital media and evermore individualized consumers, it is becoming more and more challenging to be truly successful as a brand or destination. See our detailed services for brands (event marketing) and destinations (tourism).

“Doing something is easy, doing the right thing is harder than we can imagine”

Hallamasch (the name is an old Viennese expression for “making the most out of what you have”) was founded by Andreas Hladky, a visionary Austrian entrepreneur who has consulted global brands and destinations throughout his 20 year business career. From the beginning Andreas Hladky has also worked on an international scale, on the board of think tanks and business associations such as UK-based IFEA (International Festival and Events Association Europe), Austria's chamber of commerce (speaker of the Austrian event industry branch), IV future.lab or INSEAD´s business marketing program for Asia. He has also authored a guide to professional event marketing, co-published a resourceful study on the future of events and has traveled for clients to 256 cities and regions all over the world.

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