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In terms of tourism, Austria is a worldclass champion with the highest spending average per guest in the world (USD 1.600.-) and individual visits that exceed Austria's entire population by factor of four (30 million nights spent in Austria). Hallamasch do Brasil, founded by Austrian specialists, consults on the highest possible level of tourism marketing and is able to provide proven data, knowledge, insights and case studies. That's why it makes sense to work with Hallamasch do Brasil.

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Our vision is to steadily support the strength and stability of the Brazilian tourism sector. Hallamasch do Brasil offers an effective partnership that is essential for creating new attractions, adding value to existing structures and honoring Brazil's rich cultural heritage. On all our client's projects we work according to international project management standards to ensure optimal cost, time and quality performance. Our services vary from on-site quality control to overseas marketing support and from strategic consulting to long term brand empowerment. View our wide range of services!