Connecting consumers and brands in sports

Expertize & way of work


Hallamasch is one of the very few groups in the world that have worked directly for sports events like the UEFA EURO Cup (Portugal, Austria, Switzerland), the American Football World Cup, both the Surf & Snowboard World Cups and the FIFA World Cup (Germany). Our experienced staff has worked on strategic and operative levels for brands, communities, the associations themselves (UEFA, FIS, OC, FIFA, IFA) and clients who wanted to use the events' momentum without being official partners (e.g. cities, regions, destinations).

Pro-active preparation - effective knowledge transfer - best practice strategies

Over the last 14 years we have built up both, on-site and pre-event expertise, logistical and contractual insights and an understanding of how brands are able to target communication on and around their visitors. As the events move on to a different location, it's not the event that matters in the end, but rather what a marketing organization makes out of the event in the long term. View our wide range of services!