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Hallamasch is working on national and international levels in different fields of operations and knowledge transfer to create excellence in tourism and/or event marketing. 
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A Trip to the south-eastern coast of Brazil


This is our current promotion video for three Brazilian tourist destinations. This campaign targets german-speaking first-class tourists in Austria, Germany and Switzerland and was broadcasted on the Pay-TV Channel "Deutsches Anlegerfernsehen".   

Santos is not only the biggest harbour in the southern hemisphere, but a very entertaining tourist-city. Soccer and Coffee are its greatest celebrities, for ever influencing the city's history.


Guarujá is one of the biggest touristic cities in Brazil, built on an island designed to be the number one holiday destination for the inhabitants of São Paulo.


Paraty in the south-coast of Rio de Janeiro offers a great variety of natural beauties. Not far away from the Ilha Grande and Angra dos Reis makes it one of the hottest spots for tourists from all over the world.



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