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As a member of Worldwide Partners, we are well connected in 75 countries around the world, creating state-of-the-art solutions for clients across all sectors by covering all matters of today's ever-changing communication landscape. Our global knowledge, decades of experience in different markets and our partnership with marketing think tanks around the globe ensures that our experts come up with solutions that matter.

Having worked in China, Turkey, Qatar, Central Asia, Australia, the US, Canada and the European Union, we've decided to open up permanently in South America.

No matter what you need inside or outside Brasil: With Hallamasch do Brasil you'll see the world as a source of ideas or your potential market. Our main locations are Vienna, São Paulo and Montreal, our global partner offices cover all continents and time zones.

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Check out some of our innovative case studies, partnerships and long-term projects, promotions and events all over the world - for clients from all around the globe.